March 30, 2019
Why do I think Greek Art fits perfectly into my concept? Read my answer here....
March 17, 2019
Why I don’t like anime eyes to be drawn in my lessons

February 04, 2019
This is a tricky one - when I started my teacher training I've learned you should never praise a child's art work, instead you should ask if the child likes their work and what they wanted to show. And basically only say "ah, oh, uh"... The reason behind that was to make sure the child does art for themselves, and not to please the teacher. Fair enough, but, trust me, that felt so wrong! Because sometimes I felt like saying "WOW! What a great work!" Simply because quite often I am blown away by...
Painting or drawing? · February 04, 2019
Drawing or painting? You can find my opinion on this highly discussed topic here!

Everybody is an artist! Really?! · February 01, 2019
My very first blog post! Where and why everything began...