Why printing is the most satisfying way of creating art

Do you remember as a child when you covered your hands in paint (or mud) and press your hand on any surface... Do you remember how happy you were, how proud to see the art you have created? Or did you ever watch a child by doing this? The smiles on their faces? And maybe they even show you and tell you about this.


Once some of my students were allowed to cover a wall in their room with their hand prints. They couldn't stop... 


Why am I writing this in a blog about printmaking??


Well... because printmaking is exactly the same, just with other tools. The process of covering something with paint and the excitement of checking if it has worked the way we planned. Sometimes it is maybe disappointing, eg when the paint dried to fast, but the good thing about printmaking: You can repeat and repeat... Until you are satisfied. 


Let your students start with simple techniques, you can use everyday objects, the left over acrylic paint and some paper. Start simple. Look at their faces and start later with the next step.


My favourite printmaking texture is BUBBLE WRAP :D


In June you'll find a lot of different print techniques at Room for Colours.

Because: everybody is an Artist?! Really!!