The perfect art teacher

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We all know THE one! The one perfect art teacher! All pencils in order, displays always new, lesson plan handed in on time AND the students leave the room with a smile. And you... nothing works, paint is always spilt, your lessons never go as planned and for some reason students never seem to be engaged.


You now what: Even the ONE has days like that! Even the ONE struggles and has days where she doesn't know if she made the right decision to become an art teacher (maths teachers life seems so much easier - they have no water stains on every paper, right...)


Don't worry! Just be you, and if you spill water over all the students masterpieces, you have planned the perfect lesson but forgot to buy the right material.... Laugh, be honest to your students, be honest to yourself and keep on going. We chose a job where we work with human beings and we are human beings so we make mistakes, now we just need to find a way to cope. 


A few weeks back I wanted to show a student how to draw the round shape of a cup, and by the sake of it, it didn't work, I wasn't able to get the shape right, no idea why and how this had happened but I couldn't. In the end I started laughing and we tried together and we ended up with a beautiful cup. 

The student learned that even her teacher isn't perfect, and everyone needs practice.


So, even if your colleague is the ONE, be yourself and I'm sure you are THE one.