Room for Colours offline includes paint, creativity and loads of fun!!

Colours and Paint


Room for Colours at it's best! Discover the wonderful world of Art.

Every Monday 4 pm (90 min)


Every Wednesday 5 pm (90 min)

Age: 8-12

Group size: 4

malkurse art classes

Colours and fun

Discover the world of art and creativity 

We are going to look at different ways to express ourselves through art 

Every Wednesday 3 pm (90 min)

Age 5-7

Group size: 4

erwachsene malkurse

Take a break

Come over, take a coffee and discover how relaxing art can be. 

Tuesday 10 am - 11:30 am

Wednesdays 10 am -11:30 am


4 Cups and painting spots are reserved


For Women who deserve a break

Opening offers

(Valid until October 15th 2020)

Colour and Paint: 14,80€ p.lesson

Colour and fun: 17,80€ p. lesson

Take a break: 12,80€ p. break 

Bundle of six: 10 % discount plus a secure spot for the next following 6 weeks 

Material cost included