Work space

Of course we all dream of a huge art studio! Oh, yes, I do... But... the reality is... we need to eat, work, play and paint usually on the same spot... THE KITCHEN TABLE! By the time you have everything set up you need to tidy up.


Well, now I come up with some solutions. 


  1. Use a space on a wall you never use. Maybe even in an odd corner. Stick a paper there and let you child paint, or use this as an easel for yourself.  Have a box with all your art supplies so it is easy to tidy up.
  2. Balcony table. This is usually a spot which isn't used every day and you can leave things there.
  3. The floor... It sounds strange, but it is such a perfect place to work. You don't have to worry about space, you can usually leave it until it's dry and it's easy to clean.
  4. Get an easel. I have one myself, standing in the living room, with a stool next to it. It stays there and so I sometimes paint even only for 5 minutes. And if it needs to go because of visitors, landlords or other reasons... It's easy to be stored away.

Basic art supplies (age 6+)

Room for Colours' 7 p's


This is the real beginner list, suitable for everybody who has never used a paintbrush, and has never heard about the differences between watercolour and tempera (That was me, back in 2015)


Paper (really ANY paper)

Paint (Any paint which you can find in any supermarket-they are good to start off with)

Paintbrushes (Yep... any paintbrushes you can find in any supermarket)

Paint pot (you can use any cup from your kitchen)

Plate (any old plate)

and of course: Passion and Patience



Basic art supplies (age 18 months+)


Doing Art with toddlers can be messy but fun. Before you start make sure you chose a space which is easy to clean and has enough space for the two of you. It might sound strange but sometimes the kitchen might be the best room to chose. . You have water, usually no carpet and it is easy to clean. Also an important thing to consider is time! Don't start an art project when you have only an hour left until grandma and aunty turn up for a nice play with your child.


Here is the list:

Finger paint or tempera (make sure you have enough, the more the more fun)


Plastic plate (re-usable) 


something to paint on (old news paper, cardboard, but of course paper)


washable toys(e.g. cars, plastic animals) big paint brushes, roller brushes, toilet paper rolls, sponges


NO WATER! Water ruins the fun and just waters down the paints. 


Let's start with Toddlers first masterpiece