Art leftovers

And after creating toddlers 1. masterpiece you have probably realised that there is a lot of paper "left over". What to do next?

In the bin? NO!! 

Here you find some ideas what to do with all the pieces. 

Most importantly, see which ideas the child comes up with. Children are so creative if we let them do, and probably they have ideas we would have never thought of...

Additional supplies needed: Scissor, glue, crayons, maker and  coloured paper.

Use the painted paper as a new surface, and let the children make new creations.  

Let the little artist choose a shape or even create a shape, and cut this out for them, and let them stick it on colour paper and ready is the next present for Christmas.

Let the young ones rip left overs apart and stick it together again. This not only supports the creativity it also helps developing fine motor skills.

FRAME IT!!! Either make frames from recycling materials or ask parents to bring one. Parents are always happy to see their children's work displayed in a special way. And frames make every art work look special!

In the beginning of the year we use so much paper for name tags and signs. Why not create your one just by using left over art paper and write on it with a black or coloured maker? 

Use left overs as a "talk about". What can you see? Can you find the chicken. Isn't there a dog behind a bush?