Andy Warhol

andy warhol

If you follow my instagram/ facebook account or have signed up for my email newsletter you have probably read that Room for Colours is on summer vacation and I'm working on my own art projects. Just to get new ideas for lesson plans and new offline projects.


But I also have said that the month of June is all about printmaking and I'll create new lesson plans. 

Well... on instagram I posted a lot about different materials and different print techniques, but a full lesson plan...? only one, but nothing really fancy and inspiring. I also promised an Andy Warhol inspired lesson plan...

So, why is it already July and nothing happened?!


I didn't understand to be honest...Because I did it the same way like I always start an artist based lesson. I pick an artist where I feel he/she could fit in with the topic of the month. So far I always said the same sentence: I actually don't like the artist (eg Edvard Munch, Keith Haring...) as I feel they are so over done and I don't feel there is much inspiration in their work.

So I start reading, watching documentaries, try to find an exhibition, dig myself into the history of that time and talk to friends about these artists work. And usually after a few HOURS I'm so in love that I can't stop and I have 5 ideas what to teach and how. And it's even easy for me to create lesson plans out of the box as they all have a little twist in their biography that hardly anybody talks about. My students love these lessons and we all get super excited while they create their masterpieces.


So and now here we are with Andy Warhol... Of course he is brilliant for screen printing, he is inspiring in a way, because he never gave up, he had exhibitions that people didn't understand, they made a lot of jokes about his art work. 

He brought art to a new level as he commercialised his work and he was open about that. He also overcame obstacles in his life and went through hardships, but by all tries I just couldn't find a hook to come up with an idea that my students feel enthusiastic about. And after a last attempt I realised why... I feel he wasn't a nice person at all. I've read an article where he was described as really cold and not having a lot of empathy, and this is what I felt when I was watching interviews with him.


After talking to a friend of mine about the fact, that Warhol was filming everything and  apparently was upset that a friend killed himself and the artist wasn't able to film this incident because the friend didn't tell him about his plan, my friend started laughing, and said "so he was an instagramer", I realised, I just can't create a lesson plan and I'm unable to teach about him as I don't like the part about social media where people film every moment of their lives and it feels that there are no boundaries.

Also I want our students to understand that you don't have to be a mean person to be successful. Caring is the most important value. So now that I have understood I'll postpone my printing month to next year and move on!


I'm sure I'll find another inspiring artist who did prints and was caring. (Albrecht Dürer might be the one, who knows)