Everybody is an artist! Really?

In 2015 I was teaching at an International School in China. I am a trained Early years teacher with special qualifications to work in foster homes and with families in need. I had never said "no" to any offered position and was happy to try new things and challenge myself.


My contract came to an end and I wasn't sure what to do next when my boss asked me to cover for the long-term sick art teacher. My first reaction was: "no, I can't do that! I don't even know how to use a paint brush." But, boss was stubborn and demanded me to do it (well, we are still laughing about this). So, I started my new job....


I first had no clue which paints to use and what to do. But Pinterest and some wonderful colleagues made it easy to start. New ideas where popping up all the time, I tried many different things and the students produced wonderful masterpieces. They came up with their own ideas and they created great art pieces. On the way I learned that Tempera is great for kids to use, as it is easy to wash of, toys can be used as paint brushes and children are artists by heart if you just let them (this was a big lesson learned, the more freedom you give the better they get). 


After 6 wonderful months my colleague thankfully came back from her sick leave and we (that's my husband and my two children) made the decision to move to Budapest/ Hungary where my husband started a new job.


Sitting in a new country, new city,  a new life made me think what I could do next. 

And the main thing I took with me from China was my deep love for teaching Art. 


So I signed myself up for a two years course in Germany to become a creativity and art teacher. 


Here they never forced me to do any special art styles or materials, I just wanted to, and started practicing...


Now, in the beginning of 2019, I'm preparing my first art exhibition with mainly oil paintings, as I have been asked to show my art work.


Do I think everybody is an artist?

Yes, everybody is an Artist! Really!




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